Program Submission Process Selection Criteria & Notifications Educational Program Categories Deadlines

Program Submission Process

A successful educational program submission will adhere to the Convention theme and target one or two of the Professional Competencies and/or Critical Issues.

All educational program proposals must be received by the deadline posted on the convention Web site.
  • Program proposals must be submitted online
  • Please draft your proposal in a word processing software program to enable editing and spell checking, then cut and paste into the online system.
  • Please do not include degree titles (such as Dr., Ph.D., M.S.W.).
  • Each educational program proposal should be submitted to one program category only (for example, choose General or Sponsored).
  • The coordinating presenter must be an ACPA member and register for the Convention.
  • The coordinating presenter must verify that co-presenters will also register for the Convention. Join ACPA.

The online proposal package requires the following information:

  • Name, institution, e-mail and phone number for each presenter
  • Educational program category
  • The one or two professional competencies and critical issues addressed by the program
  • The program title (maximum 10 words)
  • Keyword(s) that best describe the content of the program
  • A program abstract suitable for publication (maximum 80 words)
  • A detailed program description (maximum 750 words) containing:
    1. Introduction (including purpose and rationale and an explanation of how this program connects to the professional competency and/or critical issue you have previously selected);
    2. Relevant conceptual/theoretical framework including a brief review of the literature (please place references in the text box below and do not count in your word total);
    3. Method of program presentation (lecture, small groups, and video; and include the program outline);
    4. Learning Objectives (clearly specified actions by learners that is observable and measurable).
    5. Closing/evaluation

Audio/Visual (AV) Needs

All program session rooms will have a standard set-up that includes an LCD projector (without sound), screen and in rooms set for 75 people or more there will be a wired podium mic. Laptops will not be provided. Mac users must bring their own connection cables.

No AV requests can be accommodated for Round Table events.

Renting additional AV equipment is extremely expensive for ACPA and thus is limited. Please select any items below only if they are essential to the delivery of your program content. If you select "Other", please specify your AV needs to

Note: Computers are not provided on-site and presenters must bring their own.

For more information contact:
Convention Program Chair

For technical questions regarding the online program submission form, please contact ACPA International Office at 1 202.835.2272 or

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Selection Criteria & Notifications

Approximately 300 educational programs will be selected from over 750 anticipated proposal submissions. Programs will be selected based on the following criteria:
  1. The proposal is consistent with the Convention theme and incorporates one or two of the professional outcomes.
  2. The proposal's content illustrates thoroughness, quality, and clarity in writing.
  3. The proposal represents new and/or creative approaches and demonstrates educational and professional significance.
  4. The proposal is grounded in a relevant conceptual and/or theoretical approach (grounded in literature from the field).
  5. Specified learning outcomes are clearly stated.
  6. The proposal is consistent with the ACPA Equity and Inclusion Statement.

Notifications & Program Scheduling

  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent after a program proposal has been successfully submitted.
  • Notification e-mails about pre-convention program decisions will be sent to the coordinating presenter in late September.
  • Notification e-mails about all other educational programs will be sent to coordinating presenters no later than the end of October.
  • Accepted programs may be scheduled at any time during the Convention. Once scheduled, coordinating presenters will receive an e-mail of the date, time, and location of the program.
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All educational program proposals must be received by the deadline posted on the Convention Web site.

Ancillary Programs & Space Request Deadline

Ancillary programs are all functions during the Convention, other than educational program sessions, that need space or need a place to gather. Ancillary programs include commission or standing committee or other association meetings, socials, receptions, and many other group meetings. Requests must be received by the deadline posted on the Convention Web site via the online submission process. Submissions after this deadline will be assigned on a space-available basis. Contact the Ancillary Program Chair with questions about ancillary space.

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Educational Program Categories

All submissions in all categories will be subject to review by the Convention Program Committee. For questions about Convention programs, please feel free to contact the Convention Program Chair.


Professional Competencies and Critical Issues

Central to the substance and structure of the ACPA Convention program are the ACPA Professional Competencies. As such, the competencies will be used in the program proposal, evaluation and selection processes. ACPA members who are developing sessions and preparing proposals are urged to become familiar with the professional competencies to ensure that their sessions substantially address and incorporate one or two of them in their program proposals. Accompanying the professional competencies is a set of Critical issues identified by the Convention Program Team. These timely and relevant issues may also be addressed in a program proposal, either in combination with any of the professional competencies or as a stand alone topical area.

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